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Coke Float

  • What you need

    350ml glass

    Small plate

    Dessert spoon



    Vanilla ice-cream (default)

    Coke (full fat) (default)

  • How you make it

    Pour out half the Coke

    Put one generous scoop of ice-cream in the top of the glass

    The glass should be 3/4 full. 

    Top up the glass at the table

  • How you present it

    Present glass on plate, with straw in glass, and spoon by side

    Top up the glass at the table

    Leave remainder Coke for customer to pour

  • How you sell it

    Coke Float is a classic drink which has the cold sweetness of coke and creaminess of ice-cream. The chemical reaction between the Coke and ice-cream creates a spidery foam.