Open Monday to Sunday

8am - 11pm

2 Turnham Green Terrace,
W4 1QP

0208 995 6743

Open Monday to Sunday

10am - 10.30pm

17 Kensington High Street,
W8 5NP

0207 937 4000

Open Tuesday to Sunday

10am -6pm

2 Vanston Place,

0207 386 9230

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At your service

since 1978

Fouberts is a family-run cafe, restaurant and gelateria, serving our homemade Italian recipes for ice-cream, pizza and pasta
since 1978. 

Find us in Chiswick, Kensington and Fulham

Our Ice-Creams

& Sorbets

We have made our ice-creams and sorbets to the same recipe in the same Italian ice-cream drums for over forty years.

We make twenty four flavours in small batches. Try our sixteen classics and a variety of other flavours over the year. 


Vanilla,  Chocolate,  Strawberry,  Banana,  Coffee,  Pistachio,  Hazelnut,  Coffee,  Tutti Frutti,  Caramel,  Rum & Raisin,  Biscottino,  Raspberry Yoghurt,  Apple Pie,  Wild Cherry,  Amaretti,  Coconut,  Choc Chip,  Mint Choc Chip,  Rose Water, 

Lemon Sorbet,  Orange Sorbet,  Mango Sorbet

Our Locations

Foubert's has been in Chiswick since 1978, originally on the High Road, and now on Turnham Green Terrace.


Slide into one of our booths for a delicious bowl of pasta or savour our ice-cream on our terrace seating as the world goes by.

2 Turnham Green Terrace

Open 8am - 11pm 

Our cafe & restaurant is at the eastern end of Kensington High Street.


Enjoy lunch after a walk in Kensington Gardens or dinner before a night at the Royal Albert Hall

Private room for hire

17 Kensington High Street

Open 10am - 10.30pm / 11.30pm

Our new cafe is just north of Fulham Broadway, and opening soon.

We boast a roof top terrace for enjoying a round of ice-creams with the family or sipping evening aperitifs


2 Vanston Place

Opening 10am - 8pm (Tue - Sun)